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Quebec's Tourism Pamphlet Stands

A traditional form of media, a true trend!

It's a fact, tourists and excursionists are greatly influenced by pamphlets and brochures picked up along their travels. As such, it's essential for tourism companies to advertise in strategic locations if they want to efficiently reach out to these visitors, who are in search of something new and original.

In the 2.0 era, tourism pamphlets and brochures are definitely a modern form of media. Use them to reach out to potential costumers who are thirsting for information and discoveries thanks to a new, trendy concept.

Benefit from the services of Quebec's Tourism Pamphlet Stands and distribute your pamphlets and brochures where it really counts, thanks to:

  • The strength of a network found in many regions across the province
  • A structure that lets you target and adapt distribution of your publications, per your needs
  • Distribution points with high tourist traffic

Additionally, you can count on a team that has nearly 20 years of experience distributing printed tourism publications!

Don't wait any longer; check out our media kit.

Quebec's Tourism Pamphlet Stands A traditional yet topical form of media!